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Dr Helena Viola

Dr Helena Viola is a cardiovascular biochemist with a track record committed to translatable cardiovascular research. Since 2005, she has worked in our Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Laboratory based at the University of Western Australia, under the mentorship of Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Faculty member Professor Livia Hool.

She completed her PhD at UWA in 2010 (Distinction, top-ranked university-wide). Throughout her career, Dr Viola has won competitive funding to support her research, from the Heart Foundation, NHMRC and Raine Medical Research Foundation. She currently holds a Heart Foundation Future Leader Research Fellowship. Her research explores the underlying mechanisms involved in the progression of familial cardiomyopathies, in view of the development of preventative therapies. Dr Viola’s work has been published in top-tiered journals including Science Advances, ACS Nano, Circulation Research, and PNAS. She has also presented several invited talks at international and national conferences, including ISHR World Congresses and Australasian Section meetings, and Gordon Research Conferences. She has been awarded 30 awards/prizes for research excellence.

Dr Viola is also a Research Integrity Advisor at UWA, and participates on several review panels (Heart Foundation, NHMRC, Heart Lung Circulation, Journal of Physiology, Frontiers Cell and Developmental Biology) and editorial boards (Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine). 

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