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2017 Chain Reaction Ride 

In March over 30 senior business executives from NSW cycled more than 1,000 kilometres throughout New Zealand’s breathtaking North Island.

The magnificent course highlighted a range of New Zealand’s best features, taking cyclists through some of the country’s most spectacular mountain ranges, over its rolling hills and around its vast lakes.

Day three was particularly challenging, with cyclists covering more than 160 kilometres of the course and riding for over six hours in order to meet the seven day deadline. 

A variety of weather conditions were faced along the way and cyclists climbed over 10,000 metres of elevation in total.

The ride came to a close at the remarkable Lake Taupo, where cyclists circled the lake to finish. They were greeted by the entire support crew, were treated to a dip in a hot thermal pool and spent their last night celebrating their victory on the water’s edge.

What is the Chain Reaction Foundation? 

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is proud to partner with the Chain Reaction Foundation, a charity which raises money for seriously sick children.

The Chain Reaction Foundation hosts a corporate cycling event which challenges senior executives with a passion for riders, to cover over 1,000 kilometres in seven days.

Established in Victoria in 2007, the ride has now grown to incorporate teams from three different states.

Thanks to generous funding from Chain Reaction NSW, scientists at the Victor Chang Institute have established Australia’s largest genetic research program into congenital heart disease.

The program’s cutting edge technology enables our scientists to analyse the entire genetic make-up of babies born with heart abnormalities. They are hunting through billions of pieces of genetic code to pinpoint the gene mutations that bring terrible heartache to 1 in 100 Australian families.

Our world renowned professor, Sally Dunwoodie, is leading this landmark project and cyclists from the Chain Reaction Foundation have raised over $2.3million for our researchers since 2012. 

For more information or to participate in the ride visit:

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