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In 2015, I was told I wouldn't live to see my baby's first birthday. But four weeks later, I received the gift of life.

I’m Miranda. At 21, I was diagnosed with a form of heart disease, cardiomyopathy, which made my heart weak and unable to pump properly. I went into heart failure just before my son was born, but in August 2015 I received the greatest gift – a new heart.

To celebrate 5 years since my heart transplant, I’m asking donors to give $5 to heart research. Both my Grandma and Dad died of heart failure, but thankfully I was born in the right era. Modern medicine saved my life so now I can see my son grow up.

My family is a really great example of how far science has come but also why we need to continue to support medical research and push boundaries so that the next generation of heart failure patients have even better outcomes, perhaps not even needing to endure a heart transplant like I did. If it wasn’t for the commitment of past scientists, I quite simply, wouldn’t be here.

Read my full story here but please donate below. And if you have a bit more than $5 you can spare, I know there’ll be another patient like me who is relying on medical research to save them and desperately needs your help.

Thank you,

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Miranda Hill

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