Research is Miranda's
only hope

You can help in the fight
against COVID-19

Will you donate and help people like Miranda?

Right now scientists at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute are researching the impact of COVID-19 on heart health. Your donation today will help us learn more about COVID-19 and how to save lives through better treatments.

We are focusing on the following projects and we urgently need your help:

1.      Discovering how and why COVID-19 affects the health of people with pre-existing heart conditions.

2.       Investigating the potential side effects of medications being trialled to treat COVID-19. Some medications which are being tested on COVID-19 patients can cause serious heart rhythm disturbances.

3.      Collaborating with a number of hospitals around Australia to identify whether a stem cell treatment can combat COVID-19 in critically ill patients. Doctors have already used these stem cells to successfully treat other illnesses in the past.

It is only through research that medical advances are made.

If you can, please make a kind donation today towards life-saving research. You’ll help save lives.

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