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Right now, the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is investigating how to keep blood vessels healthy during injury or disease.

Jeff & his son Seb - Heart Attack Story

The team has identified a “switch” that can turn on and off harmful, uncontrolled cell division and may help prevent the occurrence of heart attacks. Our scientists are now working to find medication that may be able to control this genetic switch.

Please support this research that could offer a way of detecting and preventing premature deaths from heart attacks.

We think it won’t happen to us, until it does

Every 12 minutes an Australian dies of cardiovascular disease. 

Too many of us do not realise that heart attacks can affect anyone at any age, without warning. “We all think we have time. You think it won’t happen to you”, Emma says, “but it does.”

How you can help

Our loved ones could have no symptoms, be fit and healthy, when a heart attack steals them from us forever. That’s why the heart research being conducted at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is so vital. It’s about stopping heart attacks killing the people you love.

No one should have to lose a husband or father overnight. No one should have to go through the heartbreak that Emma and her family endured.

Please make a kind donation today towards life-saving research. You’ll help save lives.