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In a world first, the box was used to successfully transplant a heart that had stopped beating for 20 minutes.

The heart was brought back to life, then placed on a machine before it was injected with a unique preservation solution – developed by the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

Before this, heart transplants were a race against the clock.

Doctors had just four hours to complete the intricate operation, with the precious organ stored and transported in an Esky filled with ice.

But not anymore.

The unique preservation solution, together with the portable 'heart in a box' machine, extended the amount of time a donor heart can spend in transit from 4 to as many as 14 hours.

It’s estimated that this technology increases the availability of heart transplants by up to 30%.

At 14, Joel Seeto felt like any other fit, healthy teenage boy.

He never thought that at just 18 years old he’d find himself on the waiting list for a heart transplant, barely able to walk, let alone run, and exhausted even while resting.

But after receiving his new heart he can now outrun his mates.

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