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Jeff was only 57 when he died suddenly of a heart attack.

Jeff was at the prime of his life in 2016 - he had a good career, a loving family, and his youngest child was only 5.

Sadly, by the time Jeff’s wife, Emma, found him in bed one day, it was already too late. There was no warning at all.

Download your heart health assessment | Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

Please check your heart health. One in three people who are checked through the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute’s Heart Health Checks find they have one or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Download our heart health checklist and take it to your next doctor’s appointment.

Researchers at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute are focusing on understanding how to keep our blood vessels healthy, to stop blood vessels narrowing and causing heart attacks and stroke.

Dr Renjing Liu has now identified a “switch” that can turn on and off the uncontrolled cell division that causes this narrowing and may help prevent the occurrence of heart attacks.

Internationally recognised research like this could offer a way of detecting and preventing deadly heart attacks. This is what your support makes possible.

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