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“Your support is not only potentially saving lives, but also protecting countless others from the trauma and heartache of losing someone they love to sudden cardiac arrest.” - Jesse Amato

Early in 2021, Jesse Amato suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while playing indoor football. 

He was just 24 years old, led an active and health-conscious lifestyle, and had no family history of heart disease.

Doctors still don’t know what caused Jesse’s cardiac arrest. 

Every year, 20,000 Australians suffer a sudden cardiac arrest and tragically only one in 10 survive. 

40% of sudden cardiac deaths in under 35’s remain unexplained even after autopsy.

Research has the potential to change the future for those at risk of sudden cardiac arrest

It is vital we gain a better understanding of the hidden genetic causes of sudden cardiac arrest. 

Professor Jamie Vandenberg’s research is working to identify the genetic mutations that cause sudden cardiac arrest. His great hope is that these deadly hidden heart problems can eventually be catalogued in a database, available to clinicians across Australia. 

This would mean those at risk could be screened and put on a treatment program that could prevent sudden cardiac arrest from occurring at all. 

As we know from the shocking survival rates, this could save countless lives and prevent unnecessary heartbreak for so many families and loved ones.

How can you help?

Stage One of Professor Vandenberg’s research project involves rapidly testing gene mutations across 500 families, to discover if these mutations are among those that cause sudden cardiac death.

We urgently need to raise $230,000 to fund Stage One of this potentially life-saving research project.

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