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Help us reach our goal of identifying the hidden heart problems putting people at risk

“When someone has a sudden cardiac arrest, it affects them and everyone who loves them forever. I’m absolutely committed to finding answers so we can do something to help.”
- Professor Jamie Vandenberg

Sudden cardiac arrest currently claims the lives of 20,000 Australians every year.

People like Jesse who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest appear to be fit and healthy and have no idea they are carrying a ticking time bomb, a hidden heart problem.

Jesse and his family desperately need answers for what caused this trauma.

Our scientists are working to uncover the genetic secrets behind sudden cardiac arrest 

Professor Jamie Vandenberg is leading research into identifying the hidden genetic mutations that can cause sudden cardiac arrest and working towards cataloguing them in a database, accessible to clinicians across Australia.

This would mean those at risk could be screened and put on a treatment program that could help prevent sudden cardiac arrest from occurring at all, potentially saving countless lives.  

How will your donation help?

We urgently need to raise $230,000 to fund Stage One of this potentially life-saving research project.

Stage One of Prof Vandenberg’s research project involves rapidly testing gene mutations across 500 families, to discover if these mutations are among those that cause sudden cardiac death.

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