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Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a heart condition that will affect one in three Australians in their lifetime.

It’s the most common heart rhythm disorder and a leading cause of stroke and heart failure. Despite the shocking prevalence of AF in our community, we know very little about the genetic causes of the condition.

Alarmingly, AF can lie undetected in the most seemingly healthy people. People like Warren (pictured) triathlete and competitive runner for his entire adult life – he was the last person you would expect to suffer from heart disease.

Warren’s condition became so severe he almost died.

What are researchers at Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute doing to help AF patients?

Professor Diane Fatkin and her team are working to uncover the unknown genetic causes of AF. They hope this will pave the way for better, personalised treatments. Current treatment options are often ineffective or have a host of side effects.

Inherited AF affects roughly 50% of all family members. If we can determine the cause, we can pinpoint those at risk long before they develop symptoms, helping families avoid the devastating effects of AF.

How can you help us uncover the genetic causes of AF?

Prof Fatkin and her team are studying the genetic make-up of 150 Australian families using cutting-edge technology to uncover the genetic causes of AF.

But it's incredibly costly. Sequencing one person’s genetic makeup costs $1,600, and we need to study hundreds of participants.

The sooner we discover what causes AF, the sooner we can develop better treatments for people like Warren to lead healthy lives without fear of this deadly heart condition.

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