Research is Miranda's
only hope

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Miranda, her son | Heart Disease & Coronavirus

Making a generous tax-deductible donation at the end of the financial year is good for you and good in the fight against heart disease. Not only can your tax-deductible donation help not-for-profit organisations like us and people like Miranda, but it can also help reduce your taxable income.  Generous donations made in June can go towards your potential tax refund in July. 

Hard working mum, Miranda, is only alive today thanks to a heart transplant four and a half years ago. 

But now Miranda is terrified that she might catch COVID-19 and die, leaving behind a life she’s fought hard for and her five year old son Harry, who needs his mum.

Because Miranda has had a heart transplant, she has to take medications that suppress her immune system.

“Most worrying for me is catching the virus and my body not having the immune system to fight it. I’m afraid it would take my life”.

That makes her more vulnerable to catching COVID-19, so Miranda and her little boy are forcing themselves to stay in isolation until a vaccine or an effective treatment is found.

Until then, Miranda knows research is her only hope.

Right now the scientists at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute are focusing their research efforts on helping people like Miranda.

Where will your tax-deductible donation go? 

We are currently working on the following COVID-19 projects and we urgently need your help:

1.      Discovering how and why COVID-19 affects the health of people with pre-existing heart conditions.

2.       Investigating the potential side effects of medications being trialled to treat COVID-19. Some medications which are being tested on COVID-19 patients can cause serious heart rhythm disturbances.

3.      Collaborating with a number of hospitals around Australia to identify whether a treatment can combat COVID-19 in critically ill patients. Doctors have already used cells to successfully treat other illnesses in the past.

Your donation today will help us learn more about the virus, its impact on the heart, and how to help save lives through better treatments. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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