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Help save babies. Donate now to help find ways to prevent heart defects

1 in 100 children are born with heart defects, just like Charlotte.

Charlotte is now 5 years old and healthy after major surgery to correct two holes in her heart. Others are not so lucky. 

What is the Institute doing to help babies with heart defects?

One of our goals at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is to help babies born with heart defects by rapidly discovering and identifying genetic mutations that cause childhood heart disease.

So far our scientists have conducted genetic analysis on 140 families with congenital heart disease. But there is so much more to be done. 

Research like this lays the foundation for prevention and for future treatments.

How can you help?

We urgently need to raise $132,000 by 31 December to map the entire genetic make-up of 50 more Australians – patients, parents and siblings - to discover genes that cause heart defects and identify what can be done to prevent or treat them.

Your donations today will fast-track medical research so scientists can identify genetic mutations and fight against childhood heart disease. Please be part of this research and support us this Christmas.

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