"This is an exciting new area of research
that may have far-reaching implications for
how we understand inheritance,"

- A/Professor Cath Suter 

A/Professor Cath Suter

head, Epigenetics laboratory

Research Overview

Key Research Areas

  • Germline epimutation
  • Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance
  • Epigenomic response to early environmental stress
  • DNA methylation
  • Small noncoding RNAs
  • Bioinformatics
  • Next-generation sequencing
  • Cloud computing

Research Overview

Dr Suter’s laboratory focuses on epigenetics. Epigenetics can be defined as the study of heritable changes in gene expression that do not involve changes in the DNA sequence itself. Epigenetics provides the primary mode of gene regulation in eukaryotes but remains a complex system that is poorly understood. Dr Suter’s group is dedicated to the investigation of the role that epigenetics plays in phenotypic variation and human disease.

research projects

There are 2 key projects underway in the Epigenetics Laboratory, led by A/Prof Cath Suter;

1. Epimutations, a type of epigenetic accident where a gene becomes silent when it should be active

In collaboration with doctors at St Vincent’s Hospital the laboratory has identified individuals who show evidence of epigenetic inactivation of a disease gene, and have the disease that is known to occur when the same gene is inactivated by a genetic mutation. There is also evidence that an affected person may pass an epimutation on to his or her children. This discovery may explain how human disease can be caused by changes in gene expression that are not inherited in the same way as genes.

2. The role of nutrition and in utero environment in epigenetic variation and inheritance

The group has recently found that vitamin supplementation in genetically identical mice can have a health effect that is mediated by epigenetic changes and persists for generations.

laboratory members & collaborators


Jennifer Cropley, Senior Postdoctoral Scientist  

Sally Eaton, Post Doctoral Scientist 

David Humphreys, Senior Staff Scientist  

Alistair Aiken, Research Assistant 

Paul Young,Senior Research Assistant 

Navind Jayasooriah, PhD Student 


Professor David Martin, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute

Professor Alan Cooper, University of Adelaide

Professor Caroline McMillen, University of Newcastle

A/Prof Janna Morrison, University of South Australia

Professor Thomas Preiss, JCSMR, ANU

A/Professor Richard Buckland,  University of New South Wales 

Dr Mark Cowley, Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Professor Rob Richards, University of Adelaide

Professor Mark Febbraio, Baker IDI

publication highlights

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