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People with heart conditions are at much greater risk of severe disease and death

There were those who believed we would never eradicate smallpox, eliminate polio in Australia, or transplant hearts from one person to another.

Then there were those who did believe. And together, they made it happen.

Now you can help make it happen for COVID-19. By donating today you can become part of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute’s Coronavirus Heart Research Campaign. Or Co-Heart Campaign for short.

As part of the Co-Heart Team, you will be empowering the latest research into COVID-19 and the heart, including:

1.      Discovering how and why COVID-19 affects the health of people with pre-existing heart conditions.

2.       Investigating the potential side effects of medications being trialled to treat COVID-19. Some medications which are being tested on COVID-19 patients can cause serious heart rhythm disturbances.

3.      Collaborating with a number of hospitals around Australia to identify whether a stem cell treatment can combat COVID-19 in critically ill patients. Doctors have already used these stem cells to successfully treat other illnesses in the past.

Join the Co-Heart Team to support research and we'll keep you posted on the latest Australian COVID-19 and heart disease, practical advice, and educational videos from cardiologists and world-leading researchers.

It is only through visionary research that medical advances are made and we invite you to be a part of it. Please donate today and join other like-minded Australians as a Co-Heart Team Member.

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