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How your donations make a difference

“Through heart surgery Dr Victor Chang was able to save hundreds of lives. But he knew that through research, he could save millions” 

At the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute we have just one vision, one focus, one goal – a world where people don’t have to die from heart disease. With your help, we can take steps to make that happen.

How does your donation make an impact?

Heart disease is Australia’s single biggest killer, and together we can help change that.

It’s because of people like you we are able to pride ourselves as being one of the leaders in heart research across the world.

Your ongoing support enables us to make ground breaking discoveries in heart research, and is crucial for the ongoing work of our scientists.  

One idea can evolve into a treatment or a cure, and from that we could save the lives of millions – including your loved one, a child, or even your own life. Your gift makes the legacy of our namesake, Dr Victor Chang live on and together we can continue his pioneering work and help stamp out heart disease. 

Where do your donations go?

$100 could enable us to enrol a family impacted by congenital heart disease in our research program and provide them with genetic counseling

$200 per month could contribute to research that will help to understand how heart defects arise in babies

$500 could allow us to culture cardiac stem cells for a week (keep these cells alive) ($71 per day)

$1,500 per month could fund the purchase of laboratory materials for one researcher to investigate the regenerative powers of cardiac stem cells

$1,500 could allow us to determine the DNA sequence of a child with congenital heart disease

$1,500 could fund the genome sequencing of one patient to help us determine the causes of heart disease

$2,000 per month could allow us to create heart muscle cells from stem cells in a dish to study the mechanism of disease ($67 per day). 

How can we thank you for your gift?

Your regular support holds the key to finding cures for heart disease so we’d like to say thank you by;

  • Distributing regular updates on research breakthroughs made possible through your support
  • Inviting you to come on a tour of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute to see first-hand the amazing work our scientists are doing
  • Email you newsletters with stories of the lives you’re impacting
  • Provide you a tax receipt at the end of each financial year
  • Most importantly, reminding you that you’re making a huge impact on the devastating effect of heart disease

How your donations can help save kids like Memphis

Just 24 hours after Memphis was born he was in theatre having open heart surgery. At the time, six years ago, there was only a harrowing 50-50 chance of survival. Today, thanks to research, the odds are greatly improved.

Memphis’ first surgery was a success. Two more open-heart surgeries followed when he was just three months old. These operations helped to increase his heart’s capacity to pump oxygenated blood around his small body. 

Although he was able to grow and develop, the condition meant that Memphis didn’t have the energy, appetite or abilities of other children his age. 

Since Memphis' forth open-heart surgery, a whole new world has opened up for him. Thanks to the incredible research breakthroughs, Memphis is stronger then ever before. While Memphis' future may be uncertain, his family believes research will uncover the answers Memphis will need in the years to come.

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