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We encourage groups and individuals to help us by raising funds for heart research.

We are an income tax exempt charitable entity and are endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Taxation Office.

However you need to be aware of any state and federal laws and regulations that could affect your fundraising efforts, and to ensure all income and expenditure is properly reported.

Event Checklist

If you’re the organiser of a fundraising event, we can provide you with a useful Event Checklist to help you with your planning.

The following guidelines will help you maintain an appropriate structure for your fundraising activities.

Fundraising Authority

Each individual or fundraising group must be provided with a letter of authority to fundraise for the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. This letter may cover a specific activity or a certain period of time.

Either way, all fundraising proposals must be received in writing – usually after a discussion about suitability with the Fund Development Manager. Your proposal will need to show that your planned activity will be well managed, will return sufficient funds, and won’t conflict with our other fundraising activities.


Generally, we recommend that you establish a committee and give the members specific duties. You should then keep minutes of your committee meetings and document all your financial activities.


The funds you raise should never be held in anyone’s personal bank account. Instead, your banking can be taken care of by the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute or, in some cases, your fundraising group may choose to open its own bank account.

Make sure you keep a list of names, addresses and amounts given for all the people who donate to your fundraising activity, and forward this list to the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute with your donations, so we can send our official receipt to each donor/supporter.

Raffles Policy

If you decide to hold a raffle, it will have to be conducted on behalf of the Institute in accordance with the following Raffles Policy, as directed by the NSW Department of Gaming & Racing’s Charities Division.

1. Each raffle is to appoint an organiser to conduct the raffle.

2. No permit is required to hold a raffle.

3. Raffle tickets are to be issued by the organiser, who must take responsibility for tickets issued and unsold tickets being returned.

4. Return of cash and or ticket butts must be reconciled by the organiser and banked into the appropriate bank account.

5. A register of raffle books issued must be held by the organizer.

6. The organiser must ensure that a record of books is maintained where tickets are distributed to other ticket sellers.

7. Total Prize value must not exceed $25,000.

8. Total value of money prizes (excluding spending money) is capped at $5,000.

9. Spending money is limited to 20% of the value of the travel prize.

10. Expenses (including prizes) not to exceed 60% of gross proceeds.

11. At least 40% of gross proceeds must go to not-for-profit organization.

12. No tickets are to be distributed outside New South Wales without prior approval by the NSW Department of Gaming & Racing’s Charities Division.

Logo Usage

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute logo must not be used without our express approval. Even with this approval, you must not print any material without first getting our approval of the logo usage in your artwork.

Product Endorsements

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute does not endorse any products. Therefore the organiser will need to liaise with us to make sure accurate wording is used on any fundraising materials. No material should be printed until the Institute has approved the wording in the artwork.

Further Information

If you have any questions about fundraising for the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, please call our Fund Development Office on (02) 9295 8600.

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