Tragically, one in every
100 babies is born with
heart disease.

Help us find cures for
these tiny broken hearts

“Nothing grabs my heart more than the sight of a tiny baby with his chest wide open on the operating table, while skilled surgeons work to save his precious life.

"What I know for sure is research is the key thing that can help save the lives of these little babies.” Professor Robert (Bob) Graham

Memphis Jackson is a beautiful little boy who was born with a life-threatening form of heart disease called hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS).

HLHS meant that Memphis’ tiny heart was severely underdeveloped and unable to pump blood efficiently.

Doctors had no choice but to undergo open-heart surgery, immediately. 

His mother, Tashan, recalls the traumatic birth:

“The room was full of people. They rolled me over, I touched his finger, and he was gone.”

This is the heartbreaking reality for so many Australian families.

At the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, we are working to solve the mystery of HLHS and discover the underlying cause of this and other devastating childhood heart diseases.

There is currently no way to predict whether a baby will develop HLHS, and the causes of the disease remain unknown.

We urgently need your support to carry on life-saving research to solve the unsolved, and find cures for congenital heart diseases like HLHS, which is one of the biggest killers of children in Australia.

By giving a donation today, you will help fund world-leading research that aims to find ways to save children like Memphis before they have to lie on an operating table - their chests open and hearts exposed.

Can we rely on your support today? 

Fortunately, Memphis did survive.

But his journey has not been an easy one. Memphis has had three additional open-heart surgeries during his months in hospital. He has also suffered many side effects like losing his appetite and barely having the energy to play with other children.

Although stronger and fitter today than he was before, Memphis’ future remains uncertain and his parents live in fear of losing their beautiful boy to heart disease.  

Please donate now - urgently. Only with your urgent support today can our scientists continue vital research that could mean the difference between life and death for the thousands of babies born with heart defects each year.