Victor Chang 
Heart Health Check

Community Heart Health Service

Over 70,000 people have been tested

1 in 12 people have high blood pressure
1 in 3 people have high cholesterol 
1 in 13 people have high blood sugar 

The Victor Chang Health Check Booth is a heart health testing service, providing your organisation with the opportunity to demonstrate that you care about your employees, clients and your local community. Launched in 2010, this is one of our most important community programs, helping people to focus on and understand some of the basic risk factors that could affect their heart.

The Health Check Booth is a fully mobile and portable testing service and can be set-up in any convenient location. We bring the testing to you, to your workplace, business or event. In less than 10 minutes we measure a person’s blood pressure, total cholesterol and blood sugar levels and provide information on modifiable risk factors and healthy heart habits.

The Health Check Booth is operated by trained professional staff who can conduct up to 100 individual health checks per day. Tests are conducted by a NSW Registered Nurse in a private, branded and fully equipped booth. Our Nurses use fast, reliable and non-invasive testing equipment. A tiny blood sample from a finger prick is all that is required and results are available immediately for each person to take away with them. 

 If you would like a heart health check for your employees, colleagues, members or guests, or to find out if the Victor Chang Health Check Booth is visiting an HCF branch near you, please get in touch.


Jayne Baric
Health Health Checks Manager  
(02) 9295 8760