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Wonder Women 

From Ada Lovelace to Marie Curie and Rosalind Franklin, for centuries female scientists have helped change the world as we know it. As trailblazers, they pushed the boundaries and paved the way for the women in science today. In the articles below, we hope you are inspired by the talented researchers with discovery in their DNA.  

"Go for it with the belief that being a woman doesn’t make a difference."

Dr Sarah Scheuer has always had a passion for discovery. In this Q&A, Sarah discusses her research and shares some advice for women considering doing a PhD and pursuing a career in science. 

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“I have always loved a challenge, and research allows you to ask questions and then find a way to answer them.”

Dr Nikki Bart has just been awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship which will support her research into genetics and heart failure at Harvard Medical School. 

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"How I juggle the work / life balance as a scientist and a mother" 

Here Dr Emily Wong reveals how she established her own laboratory in a field dominated by males, while also raising a young family. 

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"My advice to young women in science"

What's it like to be a woman in science? Here, Dr Anita Ayer explains why she chose a career in STEM, and her top tips for getting ahead in research. 

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"My top 3 tips for PhD students" 

Innovation Award winner, Dr Jeanette Villanueva, shares her journey from PhD student to Senior Scientist leading cutting-edge transplantation research. 

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"You can only be really good at something you are passionate about"

From a family of neurologists, Dr Inken Martin forged her own path to Australia in medical science making her impact in research. 

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