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This huge research breakthrough has found that a common vitamin (vitamin B3) may have the potential to prevent various heart birth defects

Sophie was only 6 days old when she had to have her first major heart surgery. It broke her parents’ hearts seeing her so stitched and bandaged after the surgery. 

A research breakthrough by Professor Sally Dunwoodie and her team at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute may potentially prevent various heart defects in babies. Further testing is still needed. Will you help? 

This research breakthrough has found that a vital molecule called NAD, can affect how a baby develops in the womb – just as a deficiency in folate can result in spina bifida.

The next stage of this critical research requires urgent funding to develop a diagnostic tool to determine the range of NAD levels in pregnant women. This tool will help us identify women who may be at risk of having a baby with birth defects. 

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