Coronavirus & Heart Disease
Facts, FAQs and research

The home of heart research
fighting heart disease 

With more than 250 scientists and 21 laboratories in one location,
the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is the Australian headquarters for
world-class heart research. Here, our researchers solve the unsolved to prevent heartbreak happening to you.    

Cardiovascular disease kills 17.5 million people every year.

Every 12 minutes

an Australian dies of
cardiovascular disease

Every 4 hours

an Australian baby is
born with a heart defect

Every single year

56,000 Australians suffer
heart attacks

You can make a real difference too

Our in-house research, funded through the generosity of supporters, helps people of all ages survive and avoid heart disease.

Knowledge is the key.

In Australia, and around the world, cardiovascular disease kills more people than any other disease or illness. More than any cancer, Alzheimer's, or HIV/AIDS. Every day, the scientists at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute discover more about how to protect, heal, and care for our hearts. You can too.

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