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We are very proud of everything the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute has accomplished in over two decades, but there is still so much to achieve. The fact is, cardiovascular disease is killing people. Worldwide we are losing more than 17 million lives every year to this horrendous illness and that’s not to mention the huge burden it places on the health system and our economy.

The most effective way to bring a stop to this pandemic is through research. Philanthropic partnerships with the Victor Chang Institute are a vital part, and the most effective way supporters can significantly help our researchers continue to make ground-breaking and sustainable discoveries.

Appreciating the painstaking efforts and duration of our scientists’ work, gifts of $25,000 or more give them the capacity to undertake transformational research leading to major discoveries that benefit the community. The Victor Chang Institute cannot find cures for heart disease without your support.

We welcome your enquiries about investing philanthropically in the Victor Chang Institute. By investing in the Victor Chang Institute, you can be assured that your contribution to cardiovascular research will make a difference to the health and wellbeing of Australians.

To discuss specific opportunities and bring about transformational change in cardiovascular research, please contact: 

Ariane Gallop 
Director of Development 
Ph: (02)9295 8798 

Become a Corporate Partner 

Companies play a significant role in helping researchers at the Victor Chang Institute make ground-breaking discoveries that will help doctors prevent, diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease.

Our Corporate Partnership program adds value for both your organisation and the Victor Chang Institute. We tailor each package to meet our partners’ objectives by aligning our respective interests, priorities and values. .  

We offer unique opportunities for your staff to engage with our researchers and for you to demonstrate that your contribution is making a difference to all the men, women and children affected by cardiovascular disease.  For more information please contact: 

Ariane Gallop 
Director of Development 
Ph: (02)9295 8798 

Workplace Giving (payroll giving)

Workplace giving is an easy and cost-effective way for your organisation to assist in the fight against cardiovascular disease. It is also a powerful way to boost employee morale, and to demonstrate to customers and suppliers that you are committed to helping the Victor Chang Institute fight the number one killer in Australia and globally. 

In promoting workplace giving to staff,  many organisations also provide their teams with an incentive by matching the donations made by their employees. 

Once a staff member has indicated they would like to support the Victor Chang Institute through workplace giving, regular donations can be automatically deducted from their pre-tax salary via your payroll system. 

Workplace giving is simple to administer, and gives your employees tax advantages whilst providing the Victor Chang Institute steady and vital funding that helps fund long term research projects.

To find out how you can get your organisation involved in workplace giving, please contact us at or call (02) 9295 8798. 

Corporate Participation in Events 

Each year, thousands of men, women and children take on group challenges to raise funds for research into combatting cardiovascular disease - still the leading cause of death in Australia and globally.

Corporate fundraising events can take on many different forms – fun-runs, long-distance cycling challenges, swimming carnivals, golf days and themed parties. Organisations develop a concept and then work with the Victor Chang Institute to articulate specific research purposes to associate themselves with, and that are of particular meaning to participants and guests.

We encourage corporate organisations and groups to form teams and participate in upcoming public fundraising events, or to develop their own corporate events.  Should you and your organisation wish to stage an event of your own, and to find out how your organisation can be supported by the Victor Chang Institute, please contact us at or call (02) 9295 8601. 

How your gifts are applied 

When you make a gift to the Victor Chang Institute, your funds help support scientific research specifically geared towards combatting the many forms of cardiovascular disease. Your philanthropic support supplements our modest government funding and helps us meet our operational needs. Examples of how your support is applied includes:

$100 can enrol a family impacted by congenital heart disease in our research program
$500 helps us culture cardiac stem cells and keep them alive for one week  
$2,000 will cover the cost of sequencing a whole human genome for a child or adult and facilitate our ability to pinpoint the genetic reasons of their heart disease
$1,500 per month would fund the purchase of essential laboratory materials used to sequence an entire human genome and investigate the regenerative powers of cardiac stem cells
$2,000 per month could fund a senior researcher to grow and maintain heart muscle cells for a whole year and understand the organisms that help regenerate heart muscle tissue 

How we recognise your generosity

Acknowledging that your support helps us find cures for heart disease, we’re delighted to: 

  • Provide you with regular updates on our research breakthroughs 
  • Invite you to visit the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and witness our scientists’ work first-hand 
  • Update you with real stories of the lives you’re impacting 
  • Recognise your warm generosity and Invite you to join the Victor Chang Philanthropic Network, and enjoy the benefits associated with each level of support:
    Heart Beats:                      for total giving up to $999
    Humanitarians:                for total giving between $1,000 and $4,999
    Supporters:                       for total giving between $5,000 and $24,999
    Partners:                            for total giving between $25,000 and $99,999
    Discoverers:                       for total giving between $100,000 and $499,999
    The Director’s Lab:           for total giving between $500,000 and $999,999
    The Chairman’s Council: for total giving over $1m

Taxation implications of supporting the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute 

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Limited is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Health Promotion Charity. Our principal activity is to promote the prevention or the control of diseases in human beings, specifically to reduce the incidents severity and impact of cardiovascular disease.

Endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient pursuant to Item 1 of the table in Section 30-15 of the income Tax Assessment Act 1997, the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute can receive charitable gifts from individuals making personal donations, corporations, as well as ancillary funds established under Item 2.

All gifts to the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute of $2 or more are fully tax deductible.

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