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Victor Chang Innovation Centre

In 2016, the New South Wales Government announced a $25 million investment to establish the Victor Chang Innovation Centre to help tackle Australia’s deadliest disease.

The Victor Chang Innovation Centre is needed to help the nation’s 3.7 million children and adults affected by cardiovascular disease. It will ensure patients in NSW receive the best possible cardiovascular care and will play a key role in positioning NSW at the forefront of medical research infrastructure in Australia.

Featuring cutting-edge technology, it will attract world class researchers to NSW, encourage collaboration and allow us to achieve real breakthroughs in research. 

The Centre will comprise of a number of new facilities, including a Cardiac Stem Cell and Regeneration facility, Cardiogenomics and Gene Editing facility, Cardiac Imaging facility, Cardiac Arrhythmia facility and a Metabolomics facility. 

The Victor Chang Innovation Centre will be fitted with state-of-the‑art equipment including two MRI scanners, a series of cutting-edge mass spectrometers, micro CT, iPSC automated robotics and a cryo‑electron microscope.

Photo: Professors Sally Dunwoodie
- Director of the  Victor Chang Innovation Centre    

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