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Micro Imaging Facility

The Micro Imaging Facility specialises in three-dimensional imaging and analysis, using some of the most exciting microscopy technologies available today.

These technologies, funded by the NSW Government, reduce imaging time from hours to just minutes and have revolutionised 3D and live imaging, anatomical phenotyping, and drugs and mutation screening.

Bruker SkyScan 1272 Micro-CT Scanner

The Micro-CT uses X-ray to capture 3D images of intact organisms at high resolution, allowing scientists to analyse organ changes throughout development. The resulting images can also be printed in 3D, opening new avenues in morphological studies and surgery.

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Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 Microscope

With the Lightsheet microscope, it only takes minutes to observe the development of an organism labelled with fluorescent probes. The tight regulation of temperature and gas permits an accurate reproduction of normal developmental conditions, allowing researchers to study the impact of gene mutations and environment on heart development.

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PerkinElmer Opera Phenix Microscope

The Opera Phenix is a high-throughput content screening microscope that images hundreds of samples at the fastest speed currently possible. This state-of-the-art technology opens new avenues for screening drugs for the development of new treatments, but also for investigating gene mutations to better understand developmental defects.

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Nikon Ti2E Widefield Microscope

The incredible speed of the Nikon Ti2E’s camera and software allows observation of fast events occurring in an organism. Additional instruments combined with this microscope enable a tight control of fluid flow and temperature, offering incredible possibilities to study nanoscale modification of the specimen environment.

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Zeiss LSM700 and 7duo Microscopes

Inverted and upright confocal microscopes allows high resolution observation of specimen for subcellular studies such as protein colocalization and cell morphology.

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Dr Vanessa Lanoue
Manager Micro Imaging Facility