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PerkinElmer Opera Phenix

Opera Phenix

The PerkinElmer Opera Phenix is a high content screening system that allows high throughput imaging and analysis of hundreds of conditions at the fastest speed currently possible. The system, fitted with a multiwell plate holder or a 4-slide holder can be used to image in brightfield and digital phase contrast, and/or multi-channel fluorescent widefield or spinning disc confocal. Its sealed chamber permits both fixed and live-cell imaging.

Opera Phenix

System Specifications


2x 16-bit sCMOS cameras for simultaneous dual colour acquisition (2100 x 2100 pixels)


Opera Phenix magnification table


Light Sheet Lasers Table


Live and fixed imaging
Live-or fixed-cell assays, 3D cell culture, non-labelled or labelled specimen, small organisms (zebrafish larvae), organoids

Opera Phenix - Live and fixed imaging" title="Opera Phenix - Innovation Centre


Cell counting, morphology analysis, intensity measurements, colocalization.

Acquisitions post-processing

Harmony-, CellProfiler- or ImageJ-based cell counting and further analysis, Huygens deconvolution


Images were acquired on a PerkinElmer Opera Phenix microscope with [precise objective, channels, time-lapse used]. Analysis were performed with the Harmony software using [precise pipeline designed].

Micro Imaging Facility Support

When you book in time to use the Innovation Centre's Opera Phenix, you will receive the following support from the Micro Imaging Facility team:


Dr Scott Page, BSc, PhD
Head, Micro Imaging Facility

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