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Micro-CT SkyScan 1272

SkyScan 1272

The Bruker SkyScan 1272 is a state-of-the-art 3D X-ray scanner enabling high-resolution micro-computed tomography (micro-CT). The SkyScan offers high-resolution scanning mode of specimen up to 7 cm high, with a voxel size down to 0.35 μm, and its 6 filters, together with its large X-ray source voltage range (20-100 kV) allow 3D observation of a large spectrum of densities throughout whole-mount specimens. The SkyScan 1272 is fitted with a 16-position sample changer that allows high-throughput batch scanning.

Micro CT Bruker SkyScan 1272

Micro-Computed Tomography (Micro-CT)

Micro-CT is a non-destructive 3D imaging technique that utilises X-ray to scan an object slice-by-slice at ultra-high resolution. The series of 2D planar X-ray images generated are reconstructed to obtain a 3D model that can be further processed to obtained volume rendering or to 3D print for physical analysis or to create moulds for medical or surgical purposes. To obtain the final 3D volume, X-rays are transmitted through the specimen and recorded as a 2D image by the X-ray detector at different degrees of rotation along a 180- or 360-degree turn. The 2D images are then computed as cross-sectional images during the reconstruction process into a 3D model.

SkyScan 1272 System Specifications

MicroCT Innovation Centre


X-ray detector 16 Mp (4904 x 3280 pixels) 14-bit cooled CCD fibre optically coupled scintillator

Standard Scanning Modes

SkyScan Micro CT Table of Standard Scanning Modes

SkyScan Applications

Quantitative (volumetric) modelling of developing organs, phenotyping, contrast-enhanced soft tissue healing, 3D vectorisation and printing for reparation surgery, plant morphologic analysis, bone and teeth defects observation, inorganic material imaging.

Acquisitions post-processing


A SkyScan 1272 (Bruker) was used to image [contrast agent name]-contrast enhanced [Specimen], with a resolution of […. X …..], a [thickness and metal] filter. The scan was performed on a [180/360 degree] rotation with a [degree angle of rotation] step and [number averaging if any]. The pixel was set at […] μm. Scans were reconstructed using NRecon (version?) and optimised for [cite all parameters used for reconstruction: smoothing, ring artifact, beam hardening…].

Micro Imaging Facility Support

When you book in time to use the Innovation Centre's Micro-CT SkyScan, you will receive the following support from the Micro Imaging Facility team:


Dr Scott Page, BSc, PhD
Head, Micro Imaging Facility

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