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Cryo-electronMicroscopy Facility

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Innovation Centre’s Cryo-electron Microscopy Facility houses one of the world’s most powerful microscopes for imaging frozen, atomic-sized molecules in 3D, leading the way in biological electron microscopy.

Talos Artica

The Talos Arctica is 240,000-times magnification instrument is Sydney’s first, fitted with next generation highly sensitive cameras which gives 3D images of frozen macromolecular structures, cellular components, cells and tissues with never-before-seen clarity.

Cryo-electron Microscopy Facility Staff

Providing unprecedented insights into cardiovascular disease, HIV and Alzheimer’s, this microscope gives researchers an atomic-level understanding of how cells divide and produce new cells, which is critical to the future development of antibiotics to fight superbugs.

ATP Synthase

The multi-million-dollar unit, funded by the NSW Government, is installed in the Electron Microscope Unit at The University of New South Wales.

Weighing close to a tonne, the microscope is on a separate concrete slab to isolate it from vibrations, and is also shielded from electromagnetic interference.


Dr Alastair Stewart
Manager, Cryo-electron Microscopy Facility

Acknowledgement of Country

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land, the Gadigal of the Eora nation, on which we meet, work, and discover.
Our Western Australian laboratories pay their respect to the Whadjuk Noongar who remain as the ongoing spiritual and cultural custodians of their land.