Clinical Imaging

The Innovation Centre's Clinical Imaging Facility will provide researchers with the opportunity to study advanced applications such as diffusion weighted imaging, spectroscopy, dynamic angiography, myocardial perfusion, and other tissue characterisation.

Purpose-built for the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Innovation Centre, the dedicated Siemens Prisma is a 3T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner is housed at Australia’s first dedicated cardiac imaging hub, the Advanced Cardiac Imaging Centre at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, which is also equipped with the most advanced Cardiac CT technology.

The CT scanner will allow the detection of coronary artery disease at the very earliest stages and allows whole-body angiography for planning minimally-invasive or “percutaneous” heart valve replacement procedures.

This imaging will inform researchers about disease processes and provide highly accurate information about cardiac disease, physiology and pathophysiology. 

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