Stem Cell Production Facility

The Innovation Centre Stem Cell Production Facility is a purpose-built PC2 facility equipped with the most advanced robotics technology to support the training and research of the scientific community and industry partners working in the field of stem cell and regenerative medicine.

The automated robotics platforms facilitate the reproducibility and large-scale production of stem cells from hundreds of patients, allowing researchers and clinicians to identify new therapies using personalised medicine.

Funded by the NSW Government, this high-tech hub includes stem cell production to better help scientists in their search for the fundamental reason why some people are more susceptible to certain diseases and not others, and why some patients respond well to medication and others do not. 

Take a look inside the Stem Cell Production Facility

Facility Space

PC2 Facility with two rooms dedicated to human iPS cell work including equipment and consumables

Stem Cell Production Facility Equipment

  • Multiple Class II Biosafety Cabinets fitted with integrated microscopes
  • Dedicated human iPS cell CO2 incubators and centrifuges
  • Countess II Automated Cell Counter
  • EVOS FL Fluorescent Cell Imaging System to acquire high-quality, three-colour fluorescent cell images
  • Cryogenic storage space for working cell stocks

Microlab STAR Robots (Hamiton)

  • Two Microlab STAR Robots (Hamilton) for high throughput, large scale culture of human iPS cells
    • Robot 1
      • Configured for long term maintenance and differentiation of multiple iPS cell lines
      • Fully integrated cell counting and imaging system (Celigo Imaging Cytometer)
      • Attached Liconic CO2 incubator with a capacity to hold up to 85 plates
    • Robot 2
      • Fully enclosed in a Biological Safety Cabinet
      • Configured for large scale iPS cell work with capability for performing viral and other high-risk activities
      • Up to 96-well format
      • Setup of high-throughput drug screening
      • Attached Liconic CO2 incubator with a capacity to hold up to 34 plates
Microlab STAR Robot Innovation Centre

Stem Cell Production Facility Services

  • Access to personnel with vast experience in the culture and differentiation of iPS cell lines
  • Customised hands-on training for human stem cell culture (from beginner to expert)
    • Basic: Freezing, thawing, passaging and expansion of iPS cells
    • Advanced: Characterisation & differentiation of human iPS cells
  • Fee for service within iPS Facility:
    • Derivation of iPS cell lines from blood or skin
    • Characterisation of derived iPS cell lines
    • Differentiation into various cell types (ie cardiomyocytes, etc)

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Bookings and Enquiries

Liam Reynolds, BSc
Research Scientist, Stem Cell Production Facility

Dr. Jeffrey McArthur, BSc, PhD
Head, Cell Function & Screening Facility

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