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Fit and apparently healthy, Chris Hewgill only just survived a cardiac arrest caused by atherosclerosis while out surfing. Most people are not so lucky.

Atherosclerosis is Australia’s single biggest killer. It can strike without warning. Your gift can help diagnose it before it kills.

New research by the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute has found a possible way to identify the unstable plaques at risk of rupturing and causing a heart attack.

Identify and treat atherosclerosis before it kills

Atherosclerosis is a build-up of fatty deposits, cholesterol and plaque on the inside of the arteries.

In a major research advance, Professor Roland Stocker and his team at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute are a huge step closer to identifying unstable plaques. These types of plaques are prone to rupture, and this can cause a heart attack. Watch the 96 seconds video below to learn more about our team's amazing breakthrough.

Currently, there is no routine, non-invasive procedure available to determine which plaques are unstable and therefore likely to cause a heart attack.

But there is one in the pipeline. A special probe is being used in conjunction with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to develop a way to detect the dangerous plaque so that it can be treated.

And Professor Stocker’s laboratory has identified a possible way to stabilise this dangerous type of plaque.

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