Our Scientists

Professor Livia Hool

Based at The University of Western Australia, Professor Livia Hool is one of our newest faculty members to join the Victor Chang Institute. Professor Hool decided to pursue a career in heart research after observing how quickly heart attack patients deteriorated to heart failure and death in the Coronary Care Unit.

Now an expert in electrophysiology, Livia leads a team of nine talented researchers who are investigating the effects of calcium and free radicals on heart function. Prof Hool is also currently optimising treatments to help people suffering from ischemic and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, as well as heart failure associated with muscular dystrophy.

Founding Director and General Secretary Australian Cardiovascular Alliance 2014

President International Society for Heart Research (Australasian Section) 2013-16, 2016-19

Elected Member International Society for Heart Research World Council 2016-19

Fellow American Heart Association 2001

Fellow Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand 2011

Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Laboratory Western Australia 

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