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One in three people who have had the tests recommended in the heart disease risk assessment found that they needed further follow up from their doctor.

Scott, father of two, realised he had a ‘ticking time bomb’ in his chest when he suffered a heart attack at the breakfast table. He almost died. But luckily he was able to recognise the symptoms early and was able to get urgent medical help just in time.

However, Scott says that if he’d had regular heart check-ups with his doctor, then they would’ve found the problem and he never would have suffered the heart attack in the first place.

So please use this helpful guide to ask your doctor what you need.
If you’re worried about the heart health of anyone in your family, give them a copy too and encourage them to get checked out.

Download your Heart Health Check Guide

Heart disease is Australia’s biggest killer and we don’t want to lose the people we love.