CardioExcyte 96

CardioExcyte 96 (Nanion)

The CardioExcyte 96 (Nanion) is an automated, hybrid system that records both contractility and electrophysiology from cardiomyocyte networks for applications including drug screening or disease modelling.

System Specifications

  • Impedance and extracellular field potentials from the same well
  • 96 well parallel data acquisition
  • Integra Viaflow Assist provides automated multichannel pipetting for reproducible handling of cells and compounds
  • Non-invasive and label-free
  • Monitoring of acute and chronic drug effects
  • Electrical and optical (Blue light, 470nm wavelength) pacing
  • Incubation system allows for environmental control (Temperature, gas mix and humidity)

Cell Function & Screening Facility Support

  • CardioExcyte 96 plates (NSP-96) available for purchase from the Facility
  • Experienced support personnel
  • Full hands-on training and instruction for new users including:
    • cell culture requirements of the CardioExcyte 96
    • setting up and running of experiments
    • data analysis using the Nanion analysis software (DataControl96)
  • Fee for Service


Dr Jeffrey McArthur, BSc, PhD
Head, Cell Function & Screening Facility

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