IC200 Kinetic Imaging
Cytometer (Vala Sciences)

IC200 Kinetic Imaging Cytometer (Vala Sciences)

The IC200 Kinetic Imaging Cytometer offers high-throughput recording of cellular fluorescence signals from up to 100 cells per well in 96 well format. With built-in segmentation software, the system can record signals from ~10,000 cells per hour.

System Specifications

  • 5.53MP Scientific CMOS camera
  • 10x and 20x magnification
  • Standard glass-bottom plates can be used
    • Preferred - Griener 96-well µClear plates
    • Other plate types and formats can be used
  • Up to 400 frames per second
  • Optical measurements of calcium transients (ie Fluo-4) and action potentials (ie Berst1, FluoVolt)
  • Environmental control (Temperature, Hypoxia, CO2)
  • Integrated liquid handling platform
  • Pacing (electrical stimulation)
  • Automated analysis using CyteSeer software to segment and measure fluorescent signals from individual cells

Cell Function & Screening Facility Support

  • Experienced support personnel
  • Full hands-on training and instruction for new users including:
    • cell culture requirements of the IC200 KIC
    • setting up and running of experiments
    • data analysis using the Cyteseer analysis software
  • Fee for Service


Dr Jeffrey McArthur, BSc, PhD
Head, Cell Function & Screening Facility

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