SyncroPatch 384PE (Nanion)

SyncroPatch 384PE (Nanion)

High-throughput giga-seal patch clamp platform capable of simultaneous recording from 384 cells for drug screening or functional characterisation. The SyncroPatch 384PE allows cost-effective and reproducible screening of individual compounds or compound libraries against a single or multiple targets.

System Specifications

  • Giga-seal recordings
  • 384 individual cells recorded simultaneously
  • Integrated Biomek FX-384-pipettor arm and gripper with advanced microfluidics
  • External and internal solution exchange while recording
  • Temperature control
  • Fast pipette dispense speed to study ligand-gated or fast desensitizing ion channels
  • Single- or Multi-hole plates available (to increase signal to noise)
  • Voltage- and current-clamp options available
  • Able to record from many cell types:
    • Stable cell lines (HEK, CHO and others) expressing your target ion channel
    • iPS cells including cardiomyocytes (or other differentiated cells types)
    • primary cell lines
    • and others...

Cell Function & Screening Facility Support

  • SyncroPatch Plates (NPC-384) available for purchase from Facility
  • Experienced support personnel
  • Full hands-on training and instruction for new users including:
    • cell culture requirements of the SyncroPatch
    • setting up and running of experiments
    • data analysis using the Nanion analysis software (DataControl384)
  • Fee for Service


Dr Jeffrey McArthur, BSc, PhD
Head, Cell Function & Screening Facility

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