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Become one of our heart heroes by sharing your story of heart disease

Has heart disease affected you or a loved one?

By sharing your story, you can help the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute to raise awareness and crucial funding for heart research.

Have you or someone you loved:

  • Experienced the loss of a loved one from heart disease;
  • Had a heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke;
  • Experienced SCAD;
  • A congenital heart disease;
  • An inherited heart disease;
  • Visited our Heart Health Check and received treatment following your results?

These are just some examples of stories that could make an amazing impact to heart research at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. If your story doesn’t fall into one of the above, we would still love to hear from you!

Emma's story was published in The Canberra Times - photographed here with her son and father. Read their story

How can I share my heart story?

Simply fill out the form below.

By providing your details, you consent to being contacted by the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute who will fill you in on the way your story might be shared to help us raise awareness of heart disease.

Rest assured, we will work with you to ensure you are fully across every step involved in this process and we will only share your story once we have your full consent and approval.

Become a Heart Hero Today

Become a Heart Hero Today

Please tell us in as much details your story and how heart disease has touched you