End the heartbreak caused by childhood heart disease

Sophie’s parents were devastated to discover that their baby was going to be born with a serious heart defect. At just 6 days old, she had to have major heart surgery. Will you help end the heartbreak caused by childhood heart defects?

Sophie is not alone.

Around 42 babies are born each week in Australia with heart defects.

But you can help change that with a gift to the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute today.

Major breakthrough in understanding a cause of birth defects

The cause of 80% of birth defects is unknown.

But after 12 years of intensive research, scientists at the Victor Chang Institute have discovered that a deficiency of a vital molecule called NAD in the very early stages of a pregnancy can cause birth defects that include defects of the heart.

A potential prevention

This same research has found not only the cause of some birth defects including heart defects, it has also found a way to potentially prevent them.

What’s more, the treatment for NAD deficiency appears to be as simple as taking the right amount of Vitamin B3, also known as niacin.

The challenge now

These findings could change the management of pregnant women all around the world and potentially prevent thousands of cases of birth defects.

 We believe the breakthrough has the potential to be as significant as the discovery that showed folic acid can prevent spina bifida and neural tube defects in babies.

The challenge now is to fund and implement the vital research to develop a test to measure NAD levels and understand what levels of Vitamin B3 are needed in each case.

That’s why your gift today is so important. You can be part of what could prevent thousands of babies around the world being born with birth defects, including heart defects.

“I’d do anything to stop another family going through what we went through,” - Sophie’s mum.

Sophie is now 20 months old.

Her parents still live from doctor’s appointment to doctor’s appointment.

They are becoming a little more hopeful as the appointments grow further apart. But no one really knows how things will unfold for Sophie.

More than anything, they’d like to see other families spared the agony of having a baby that is so gravely ill.

Please make a generous gift today to help end the heartbreak caused by childhood heart disease and other birth defects.

It’s urgent. In Australia alone 42 babies are born with a heart defect every week. That’s potentially another 42 families going through what Sophie’s family went through.

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