Past Scientists

Associate Professor Kumud Dhital

Associate Professor Kumud Dhital was a cardiothoracic specialist and transplant surgeon at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney and a Faculty member at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

A/Prof Dhital worked closely with Professor Peter Macdonald from the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute heading up the Cardiac Transplantation Laboratory. Together, they developed the groundbreaking donation after circulatory death (DCD) transplant technique.

In 2014, A/Prof Dhital led the surgical team that completed the world's first DCD transplant. 

In early 2019, A/Prof Dhital left the Institute and made the move to Melbourne, Australia. In 2020, A/Prof Dhital took the Director of Heart & Lung Transplantation and MCS Program at Yashoda Hospitals in Telangana, India.

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