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Associate Professor Catherine Suter

Associate Professor Cath Suter graduated with a BAppSc (Biomedical) from the University of Technology in 1993 and a BSc (Hons, Class I) from University of New South Wales (UNSW) in 1995. She received her PhD in 2001, also from UNSW, for work on breast cancer metastasis. During her postdoctoral studies she moved into the field of epigenetics, and reported the first cases of germline epimutation in humans. She continues to investigate these phenomena and how they arise. 

Cath currently heads the Epigenetics laboratory at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute where she performs research into the epigenetic contribution to variation and common human disease. She has a special interest in mammalian epigenetic inheritance, particularly in the influence of fetal nutrition on germline epigenetic states

Professor Cath Suter and her team also study how the health or lifestyle choices of parents can have life-long effects on the health of offspring, independently of the genes they inherit.  For example, the team have discovered that obesity in either parent can ’program’ an increased risk of metabolic defects in children, even if the children do not become obese themselves. Remarkably the defects can be passed on further, to grandchildren. The team is focused on understanding the epigenetic mechanisms of parental programming in order to modify its damaging effects. 

Epigenetics Laboratory 

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