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Dr Audrey Adji

Audrey Adji is a PhD graduate from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney, in 2016. Dr Adji’s research focus is to characterise change in cardiac ejection pattern, cardiac contractility and pulsatile function of human circulation due to aging and cardiovascular diseases. This is achieved using hemodynamic approach through application of both medicine and engineering principles to cardiac physiology.
She has been working on this topic since obtaining her Master of Biomedical Engineering degree from University of New South Wales, Sydney, in 2001. She has extended her research on pulsatile circulatory function to the effect of arterial pressure on the cerebral circulation through collaborative work worldwide.

To date, Dr Adji has published papers in various scientific journals, and presented her work in numerous international and local scientific meetings. Dr Adji has won scientific awards and prizes, including the inaugural 2018 International Society of Hypertension Mid-Career Award for Women Researchers.

Dr Adji joined the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in 2019 under Professor Christopher Hayward, head of Cardiac Mechanics Laboratory. Dr Adji aims to extend her research further into the application of pulsatile hemodynamics in individuals with the heart assist device or “reduced pulsatility” mechanical circulatory system. 

Cardiac Mechanics Laboratory