Heart of Gold Awards 2015

Bravery On Show At Inaugural Heart of Gold Awards

Seven courageous Australians have been honoured for their bravery at the launch of the Victor Chang Heart of Gold Awards in Sydney. Recognised for selflessly going above and beyond to save the life of someone in cardiac peril, these inspiring Aussies have been recognised with a Victor Chang ‘Heart of Gold’ medal for showing absolute courage when every second counted.

The 2015 ‘Heart of Gold’ recipients include four paramedics, a security guard, a shop assistant, a building manager, and a young real estate agent. Each has been handpicked for their strength and composure in the face of crisis, pain or grief – preventing death, or irreversible damage to the heart.

Executive Director, Professor Bob Graham said the Victor Chang Bravery Awards are an opportunity to honour the vital role the community and paramedics play in saving a precious life, while also raising awareness of heart disease – the most deadly disease in the world.

“Death can occur within minutes of a heart attack or cardiac arrest and without immediate first aid the chance of survival diminishes every second that CPR is delayed.”

“If it wasn’t for these brave men and women I fear what could have happened to the patients. Indeed, a recent study has found a staggering 90 percent of victims will not survive if they suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital,” Prof Graham added.

Cardiac arrest survivor, Scott Winn, knows he’s lucky to be alive. Exactly a year ago today, Scott’s heart stopped beating for 20 minutes as he was walking to dinner with friends along Oxford Street in Darlinghurst.

“Never in a million years did I think I was at risk of a cardiac arrest. I’m a healthy guy. All I remember is feeling a bit breathless and then everything went dark. I was in hospital for five weeks,” Scott revealed.

In a moving speech at the Victor Chang Institute, the 26 year old expressed his enormous gratitude to the total strangers and the friend who saved his life.

“I can’t thank everyone enough. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them. I look at life differently now. I’ve been given a second chance.”

2015 Heart of Gold Award Recipients

  • Sarah Khafaji
  • Stefano Manzotti
  • Liam McDermott
  • Daniel Robinson
  • Peter Rowe
  • Michael Thomson
  • Richard Torrens
  • Tamra Williams

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