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"My top 3 tips for PhD students" - Innovation Award winner, Dr Jeanette Villanueva shares her journey from PhD student to Senior Scientist.

31 July 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine Optimism is Misplaced

Hopes for the rapid return to a normal life hinge on the development of an effective vaccine. But is this realistic?

8 May 2020

Field of Dreams

At 16, Dr Chris Stanley, left school to pursue a rugby career. It didn't work out. Starting over, he found his true calling in the laboratory.

1 May 2020

Women in Science

Dr Sarah Scheuer has always had a passion for discovery. In this Q&A, Sarah discusses her research and shares some advice if you're considering doing a PhD.

3 April 2020

Women in Science

What's it like to be a woman in science? Here, Dr Anita Ayer explains why she chose a career in STEM, and her top tips for getting ahead in research.

29 January 2020
Prof Peter Macdonald Heart Transplant

Ace of Hearts

He's best known for his work in heart transplantation, but Professor Peter Macdonald is also helping Indigenous Australians look after their heart health.

23 May 2019

STEM isn't just for boys

Only 16 per cent of Australians qualified in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are women. In this opinion piece, Dr Inken Martin asks why?

19 February 2018


Are young researchers missing out in science's survival of the fittest? Dr Louis Wang says they are particularly vulnerable when resources are scarce.

3 June 2015